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Welcome to the Stuban homepage!

As you’ve probably noticed, the entire site is written in Dutch. On this page there’s a short English summary. We’ve got members from multiple nationalities, but most of them speak Dutch. All trainers and (almost) all students speak English as well. The most important information can be found on this page, feel free to send us an email if any questions remain (bestuur@stuban.nl).

55 years ago this september, Stuban (Student Badminton Nijmegen) was founded, at this moment it has about 90 members. Everybody is welcome to join! We have members playing at all levels, from recreational to the higher leagues. But Stuban isn’t just about badminton, we also organize activities at least every month! Think about things like a BBQ, paintball, pool night, tapas night, etc. So there is always possibilitys to have fun!

Introduction activities

In the beginning of the year we have some introduction activities that are specifically meant to get to know Stuban. The year starts off with our introduction tournament. This is a tournament meant for players of all levels. Here potential Stubanese will mingle with others to get to know each other and the sport. If you would also like to get to know the Stubanese outside the badminton courts, you are very welcome to join us at our introduction “borrel” at Café De Fuik. If you would like to participate to any of these activities, please send an email to pr@stuban.nl

Training groups

Every Stuban member can train at least once a week. Training groups are divided into four levels. The trainings take place at the Radboud Sports Centre.

  • A-selection: All members that are playing league matches in the 5th division or higher (or members that don’t play competition but do have equal skills). All players of the A-selection play with feather shuttlecocks.
  • B-selection: League players of 6th division & lower and non-competition players with the similar level. Players with 6th division level play with feather shuttle cocks, the lower level members play with nylon shuttles.
  • C/D-selection: Recreational & strarting players.

The trainers and the technical committee decide which group is best suited for you. They make a decision based on your skill level.

Training with us

You are more than welcome to join us! But you probably want to try it out first. You are allowed to join three free training sessions without any obligations! If you’re planning to do so, please send an email to secretaris@stuban.nl. Include your name, your previous badminton experience and if you have a “RSC sports card” in the email. 

If you become a member, we advise you to buy your own racket. During the C/D-training on Wednesday, rackets will be made available by the trainer. To become a member, fill in our form (which can be downloaded below) or ask a board member or trainer during training and devliver it to our secretary.

Training times

Monday, Hall 2A+B

20.00-21.30B-selectionSylvain van Brummelen
21.30-23.00A-selectionSylvain van Brummelen

Wednesday, Hall 1

18.30-20.00C/D-selectionVicky Seveke and Guo Xun Hu
20.00-21.30A-selectionSylvain van Brummelen
21.30-23.00B-selectionRuben Christianen

Friday, Hall 1B

21.00-23.00EveryoneFree play (no training)

Sunday, Hall 1



LeagueplayersContribution per season
Feather Shuttle cocks€97,50
Nylon Shuttle cocks€82,50
Non-LeagueplayersContribution per season
Feather Shuttle cocks€85,-
Nylon Shuttle cocks€70,-

Be aware of the fact that members of Stuban ought to be in possession of a University Sports Card, available at the Radboud Sports Centre (RSC).

Do you have any questions? Please send it to bestuur@stuban.nl and we will be happy to answer!